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Le Riche Brothers with Core Silicone Rings

Bruce “One Hip Wonder” and Brent “One Wheel le Riche” were born on the back wheel with 2 stroke in their lungs! These champion brothers had a passion to be number 1 from an early age! Fighting their fiercest competition, each other all their racing career…they believe that this is what has made them the riders they are today!

Back in high school, the bros. spent a month in Spain training and competing with world-class riders which saw them 2 years later making a move to England. But it wasn’t until they left the mud and slim for the large and in charge American style of riding… and here is where they really shone out! With multiple American National Championship wins and Bruce & Brent’s best overall championship finish being a 2nd and 4th respectively, these two brothers are truly world class! America is also where they learned a lot of their trick riding and their passion for their shows!

Having just something special, these boys have a combined 17 National South African Trials Championships and crush all local competition! Ask one of them a career highlight, and it would be both standing on the podium in Oklahoma at the end of a grueling 6.5 hour North American National Championship, with two South African brothers standing proud, representing their country at such a level! … another highlight would be the first time they ever tried their 360 degree bike rollover, which served them well as shows for so many years!

Core Silicone Rings now worn by Le Richie borothers
Core Silicone Rings & Le Richie Brothers

Get to know the Le Riche Brothers from Pretoria

Brent One Wheel le Riche

  • Started competing at age 12
  • Favourite person you have ridden with: World Moto GP Champion Kevin Schwantz
  • Favourite riding venue: Free-riding straight from Ox Bow Lodge, deep in the Lesotho Mountains
  • Most interesting place you have travelled for a show: Pakistan
  • Favourite trick, stunt or move if you must: A “no footer, nose wheelie” normally gets a good reaction, also I can circle wheelie around anything!
  • Anything else you would like to share: I’m not just great on a bike, but I’m pretty great in real life too!

Bruce One-Hip Wonder

  • Started competing at age 13
  • Favourite you have ridden with: Other than Brent and my dad, Louise Forsley the USA ladies champ, and Fanus Boshoff.
  • Favourite riding venue: Free-riding straight from Ox Bow Lodge, deep in the Lesotho Mountains
  • Favourite place to ride: Trials Training Center in Tennessee USA and Valley of 100 Hills in KZN
  • Most interesting place you have travelled for a show: Angola
  • Anything else you would like to share: I got my nickname from my bionic hip implant.

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