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Job types and the importance of switching to a Core Silicone Ring

Workplaces are becoming increasingly aware of safety issues. Employers not only want to avoid lawsuits, they also want to keep valued employees healthy. This means that many companies have become sticklers for safety regulations, which may prohibit wearing jewellery of any kind, particularly metal rings, on the job.

As a result, people who wear rings daily, particularly wedding rings, may be in a quandary. Constantly taking a ring off and putting it back on at work means you run the risk of losing it. Core Silicone Rings are a great option for these people for two reasons:

  1. In most cases and professions, wearing a Core Silicone Ring at work is a much safer alternative, especially for people who work in the construction, healthcare, or manufacturing industries.
  2. Core Silicone Rings are easier to care for than traditional rings and are designed to withstand tough working conditions, yet designed to break when under pressure

 Job example: An electrician.

Wearing jewellery as an electrician is a safety hazard. On average, electrocutions kill about 140 contractors each year. We all know the risk electricians take when their career revolves around a risky condition. The most common injury due to electrical shocks can cause moderate to severe burns. This commonly happens to your hands, heels or your head. When the electrical shock is so grand, it can knock you off your feet, flying, and potentially cause bruises, broken bones and spinal cord injuries.

What some people may not know is that the items you wear as an electrician can cause electrical shock. These items can include jewellery, keys, glasses and even some of your clothes. If you’re married, you probably like to keep on your wedding band. Unfortunately, most rings put you more at risk. Some electricians try wrapping their jewellery in materials that prevent them from the conduction of electricity, however, this can be time-consuming to do on a daily basis and is not effective. Your best bet is to buy a non-conductive material such as a CORE silicone ring.

Many jobs such as electricians require physical work. One of the most common work-related accidents involving wedding rings, occurs when an employee’s ring catches on machinery or some other object. If the ring itself does not break, it may remove flesh from the finger or sever the finger altogether. Wedding rings also pose a threat if an employee injures the finger on the job and the finger swells up around the wedding band, cutting off the worker’s circulation.

Just from the information above, you can see why it is so important to own a wedding ring alternative such as a Core Silicone Ring. They are the safest option for many job types, affordable and have your safety and best interest at heart.



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CORE Silicone Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Before making a purchase, you may have a few questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that customers have asked us in the past.

Q: How do I find my size?
A: Here are some helpful tools for determining your ring size.

Q: How long does shipping take in South Africa?
A: Deliveries are 2-3 days from shipping date.

Q: How Long does shipping take internationally?
A: International shipment delivery is 5-7 Working days.

Q: Where is the Closest stockist?
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Q: What is the ring Warranty?
A: We have a lifetime product warranty. This covers Breakages and tears, but please note this excludes stretching, as stretching is usually caused by misuse or incorrect application of the ring.

Q: Exchanges and returns?
A: We have a 30 day exchange policy from delivery date, the order number will need to be provided. The product will be returned on your own personal expense.