9 Professions That Are A Perfect Fit for a CORE Silicone Ring

Not all professions are created equal. Many of them require us working with heavy machinery or they require that we work with our hands.

Whatever your daily grind may be, here are the top 9 professions that are a perfect fit for any of our CORE Silicone Rings.

1. Mechanics.
Many mechanics don’t always wear rings to work. Since you’re working with heavy machinery, you might scrape, dent, or dirty your traditional wedding band. Not just this, but there is also a chance that, in wearing a ring, you may injure yourself. CORE Silicone Rings are the perfect answer to this dilemma. Since they’re made from medical grade silicone, they can break away safely should they catch on anything. They are also comfortable yet they remain durable. And, if they should break, you’re covered with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Personal Trainers.
The worst thing that can happen during a workout or a run, is when ones fingers swell. Wearing a traditional ring or any sort of jewellery can be a pain to wear as a result since they have no give. This is where silicone rings are a great replacement. With the flexibility of silicone rings, they’ll grow and shrink around your finger. This makes them safe and comfortable to wear, even during a workout.

3. Construction
Jewellery and tools do not mix. With safety being the highest priority on a construction set, wearing a silicone ring to keep your fingers safe and your ring pristine is a logical answer to this. It doesn’t matter if you are roofing a house, or if you’re tackling a DIY project, CORE Silicone Rings is your answer.

4. Physical Therapists
As a physical therapist, you need to be able to assist your client’s recover. Wearing any sort of heavy jewellery, you run the risk of scratching your clients. This is where a silicone ring is a better option. Being made from medical grade silicone, they won’t scratch your clients, snag on any clothing, slip off, or pinch your palm. CORE Silicone Rings are all about focus.

5. Pro Athletes
Professional sports can sometimes be rough on your hands. In some cases, ring avulsion is a great risk for certain types of sports. CORE Silicone Rings prevent this since they’re made from medical grade silicone. Whether you play rugby, football, basketball, or something more rugged like rock climbing, our rings won’t cause you any injury should it catch, and they’ll stay comfortable no matter how tough the game may be.

6. Firefighters
Being a firefighter is nothing less than a high-stress work environment. You need significant physical prowess to be a firefighter. This is the reason why firefighters don’t wear any jewellery on the job as the risk of ring avulsion increases. Silicone rings are an alternative to wearing a more traditional ring, as they reduce the risk of ring avulsion injuries across the board.

7. Nurses
Nurses never sit down and they are almost always on the go. Wearing traditional rings can hurt a patient as well as tear through latex gloves. Silicone rings are more gentle in that regard. Another aspect of wearing a traditional ring is the risk of losing your ring. Taking off a ring to wash your hands, increases your chances of losing your ring. With a silicone ring, losing it won’t set you back a fortune. Also, if your ring carries significant sentimental value, losing it can be devastating. A silicone ring is a great alternative towards keeping your traditional ring safe and sound.

8. Electricians
Metal and electricity does not mix. That’s why you won’t see electricians wearing any jewellery while on the job. Silicone rings are non-conductive, which means that you can wear a slick silicone wedding band without the worry of electrocuting yourself.

9. Parents
Being a parent can sometimes be a fulltime job. Expecting mothers can wear silicone rings during their pregnancy. While your body goes through a whole range of changes, a silicone ring will stay comfortable during your entire pregnancy. Also, a silicone ring is less likely to scratch your little ones. And, if your kids play, you play. Food, lotions, and more can get lodged in the edges of your ring. A silicone ring won’t stain or scratch no matter how energetic your little ones may be.

If you fall into one of the above mentioned professions, or if you’re after a comfortable and durable ring, look no further than our range of silicone rings.

How Core Rings Can Simplify Your Life As A Mom

Being a parent can be a challenge. And, the amount of products available that help make parenting a little easier is simply astounding. One of these things is the humble silicone ring. How can a cylindrical piece of medical-grade silicone help with parenting?

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is magical. Sometimes, however, it isn’t. Your body changes, and for most, feet, hands, legs, and ankles will start swelling. You might not be able to wear your wedding ring at all during this period.

This, however, is where a silicone ring comes in handy. Because it’s flexible, it provides great support during pregnancy.

They’re Gentle

Newborn babies are beautiful miracles and as such we want to make sure that nothing can hurt them. You might be careful wearing your wedding band for fear of any sharp edges scratching or catching on things.

A silicone ring, being a little softer and more malleable than your normal wedding band, won’t scratch or hurt you bundle of joy at all.

And, speaking of catching on things…

They Are Durable

From diaper cream, to mud and dirt, to craft paint and more. As our kids get older, things get messy and as a parent, we get messy right along with them.

Your traditional wedding band might become a casualty of war during the day, but that’s where your silicone ring will help. There are no nooks or crannies where dirt can get lodged into, and it cleans easy and effortlessly under the tap.

If only everything in life was as easy as this.

Why You Should Wear A Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are all the rage. And you might wonder why people love them so much. Here are 5 reasons you should wear one.

1.) For Comfort

They normally make your more traditional wedding ring from a more rigid material like gold or silver. This doesn’t give your finger a lot of room to breathe. However, a silicone ring is made from a more flexible material. This helps during the fluctuating temperatures each season.

And, because of its rigidity, a traditional wedding ring can cause some mild discomfort when you’re thinking of doing anything active.

No matter what you do, or how hot or cold temperatures get, your CORE ring will fit comfortably, and it won’t just fall off.

2.) Because of Safety

Since we touched on being active…
We know traditional wedding rings aren’t flexible. And, if you’re like the millions of other men and women who do a lot of work with their hands or work in a more dangerous situation, a traditional wedding ring becomes a little more dangerous, and they can cause an injury known as a “ring avulsion.”

Sure, you can opt to not wear a ring, but your wedding ring is a statement of your commitment to your loved one which you want to wear with pride.

Wearing a silicone ring is a safer way to show your undying love to your loved one, whilst keeping your finger safe when working with your hands.

3. Because They Are Versatile

Silicone rings can go anywhere. Your traditional wedding ring might not. Because it’s more precious, you’ll most likely take off your ring when you go to the gym, for instance. You risk losing it or damaging it, which is something you might not want to do.

CORE Rings can go anywhere. Need to go from the office to the gym? No problem.

They’re durable enough to take you through your day with no issues at all.

4. They Look Stylish

Since they work hard, CORE Rings look good, as well.

The stylish designs and exceptional colours make them stand out, and they become a non-traditional way of showing your commitment to the love of your life.

Sure, your more traditional wedding ring might dazzle, but a CORE silicone ring is a safe and very stylish alternative to showing your commitment.

5. You Can Replace Them

A traditional wedding ring has a ton of sentimental value attached to it. If your ring gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you can have the ring replaced, just not the sentimental value–or even your significant other.

Likewise, your fingers. As we’ve mentioned before, an accident can cause a serious ring avulsion injury.

A CORE silicone ring gives you a way of showing your commitment while keeping your wedding band and your fingers safe.

Wearing a silicone ring as an alternative to your own wedding band not only helps protect your priceless and irreplaceable wedding ring, you’ll be wearing a ring that’s made to withstand anything and everything life will throw at you.

Wedding Rings: Where They Come From & What They Mean

Exchanging wedding rings. A tradition dating back many centuries, with the symbolism of wearing them become commonplace in many cultures around the globe.

But, where exactly did this tradition come from and what did it mean?


The Wedding Rings Exchanged

To find the first instance of what we refer to as the exchange of wedding rings, we need to shift our attention to ancient Egyptian scrolls dating back over 3000 years ago.

In these scrolls, they show couples exchanging rings that were braided from hemp or reeds. Naturally, they were quite fragile. However, sturdier rings made from leather, bone, or even ivory were offered instead of their more delicate counterparts.

The worth of the ring determined the amount of love being shown–a more expensive ring was worth more and illustrated greater love between the couple. Historians have also discovered that the belief was that these rings were a symbol of the couple’s infinite love and commitment between one another and that the circular shape of the ring shows no beginning or end to their love, with the open centre symbolising the doorway to the couple’s future together.


Wedding Rings: When In Rome…

Shifting our focus from Egypt to Rome, where we can find a similar custom.

Following a similar tradition, the groom would present his bride with an iron ring. Because of the iron ring’s durability, it, therefore, showcased the strength and permanence of the marriage between the bride and groom.

Historians also believed that the Romans were the first civilization to engrave the rings, too.

Now, since we’ve covered where this tradition originated from, we now have to ask: why was the ring placed on the fourth finger.

This comes from both the Romans and the Greek civilizations. They believed this finger contained the vein of love and therefore placing it on the fourth finger on the left hand becomes a symbol of love between a couple.

This is only one theory, though.

Another theory points us to the Christian marriage ceremony. While reciting the binding prayer, the minister would touch the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger of the bride and groom’s left hand. As the word “Amen” was then spoken, they would place a wedding band on the fourth finger, which sealed the union.

In many European countries, couples can be seen wearing their wedding bands on their right hand, however, many believe that the left hand was chosen upon which to wear their ring as many people are right-handed, reducing the amount of damage the wedding rings would receive.


The Renaissance Period

Let’s shift focus to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Tracking the history of the wedding ring, it was a custom for couples to wear gimmal rings. These were rings that were made of two parts that fit together to make one larger ring. During their engagement, the bride and groom would each wear one part of the ring.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom would unite his part of the ring with the bride’s, uniting the set.

It was also during the Renaissance they introduced when more ornate silver rings.

In Colonial America, however, the husband-to-be would give his future wife a thimble. Not the most romantic of gestures by today’s standards, however, during this period, jewellery was as frivolous. Making do with the thimble, women would remove the top section, creating a ring.

In many religions and cultures, it is commonplace to exchange other gifts besides the wedding ring. Gifts included the Hindu bichiya toe ring and the iron bangle of West Bengal.


Today, however…

… this symbolism persists, still.

Through many cultures whose tradition saw that only women would wear a wedding ring, to during World War II where soldiers would wear their rings as a sign of commitment and as a reminder to their wives while stationed overseas.

And, through the years, with the rising popularity of wedding rings, diverse rings and styles were created from materials like gold, silver, and platinum.

Today, more durable rings made from medical grade silicone exist. They are made for men and women with more active lifestyles. And, with their contemporary designs serving both form and function, they’ve become a popular way for couples to showcase their undying love and commitment towards one another.

Finding the right size silicone ring for you

Silicone rings are gaining in popularity because of their benefits over traditional metal rings, as well as their flexibility and durability in the long run. However, since they purchased most online, this means that you need to know what size ring you normally wear before making your order.

Luckily it’s easy to figure out your ring size by understanding HOW to measure.

Using A Sizing Chart

The easiest and most readily available form of measurement is the use of a sizing chart. Following the instructions on our own sizing chart page, it can help you measure the diameter of the finger you want to wear the ring upon to get the correct size.

How Silicone Rings Fit

Traditional rings and silicone rings fit differently. The former is a solid piece of jewellery, whereas the latter is a lot more flexible. This means that you’re likely to find more ring sizes when you buy a traditional ring – more sizes equal to a better fit for a wider range of individuals.

Made from silicone, this material gives the rings the ability to bend and be more flexible. Let’s say you bought a brand new silicone ring that you’re wearing for the very first time. At first, it will feel very snug, but that’s normal. Over time, your silicone ring will stretch to conform to your finger’s natural form.


The sizes in between

But, what if your ring’s measurement falls in between two sizes?

Since a traditional ring is much more rigid, the wiggle room is minimal – there are no half measures here.

A silicone ring is different. Again, since they are flexible, a slightly smaller sized ring will stretch over time, as it adjusts to your finger’s size.

In case your ring size falls on a half-size, it’s best to choose a ring size that’s one below.

Getting the size just right

Despite their flexibility and what to do with half-sizes, it’s still very important to find the right size.

A ring size that’s too small or too big will not conform to your finger’s size. In short, it just won’t fit. It could be uncomfortable to wear daily.

To ensure a perfect fit, as well as ensuring your comfort, go for a ring size that’s just right.


Sizing At No Risk

If all this seems too overwhelming, and if all the abovementioned options for finding your right size fail you, if you were to choose the wrong size, we’ll help you exchange your silicone ring for one that’s a perfect fit for you.


3 Reasons Why A Silicone Ring Will Make An Amazing Gift

Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, or any other special day, you might need a neat gift idea. Scouring the internet for gift ideas, but there’s no other gift that’s more fashionable, practical, and just plain comfortable than a silicone ring.

Below we’ve listed three reasons why a silicone ring should be on your gifting shortlist.

1. Personalizing A Silicone Rings is Easy.

Putting a personal touch on a silicone rings is super simple, as they come in several style options and they afford you an additional option of adding an engraved message either on the inside or the outside of the ring. This puts a much more personal touch to it, transforming a simple silicone ring into a truly special gift.

2. They’re Great Gifts for Anyone.

When we say anyone, we mean anyone. Since a silicone ring works in any situation and it can go anywhere, they’re perfect for newly wed couples, men and women who get their hands dirty for work on a daily basis, or even someone who spends most of their time in the gym. Since they’re super versatile, you can never go wrong with a silicone ring as a gift.

3. Form and Function.

You would think that since they’re made from silicone, they’d be tough to wear. Not quite. Silicone rings are actually quite comfortable since they’re actually quite soft and malleable. This also makes them quite durable, making them last longer. Along with that, they’re available in all manner of styles and colours which makes them stylish and very pretty to look at.

Now, just because we’ve only listed three reason why silicone rings make the best gifts doesn’t mean that they’re the only reasons why you should consider a silicone ring as a great gift idea.

For more gift inspiration, head over to our website and check out our full range of silicone rings.

5 Advantages of Silicone Rings

Misplacing or damaging your traditional metal ring, especially one that has sentimental value, can be demoralizing. But, many individuals and couples are slowly making the move towards a more long-lasting option instead: silicone rings.

Made with longevity and a myriad of active lifestyles in mind, silicone rings are fast becoming a trend with their impressive list of advantages over a more traditional metal ring.

And, if you’ve ever been curious about them, but you’ve been on the fence about whether you should invest in a silicone ring, here’s a handy list of 5 advantages that silicone rings have over their more-traditional counterparts.

1. They Can Withstand the Elements

Made from medical grade silicone, silicone rings are flexible as well as more resistant to water and extreme temperatures. This is especially useful when you’re on the field or at work as they won’t move around your finger like your traditional metal rings when coming into contact with moisture. And, since they’re not made from metal, silicone rings won’t as easily conduct electricity, either.

2. Durability

Let’s say you work in a dangerous area or you have an active lifestyle where you enjoy rock climbing or mountain biking. Wearing a traditional ring in any of these scenarios can be dangerous as your ring could cause a ring avulsion injury because your traditional metal ring is more rigid and offers no form of elasticity.

Silicone rings offer this elasticity. Being able to withstand 16kg of force and being able to stretch up to three times their own size, silicone rings won’t hold your fingers hostage in an accident at work or outdoors.

This durability makes them a lot safer to wear.

3. Affordability

A traditional metal ring, especially a wedding ring, carries with it a lot of sentimental value. This makes it almost irreplaceable. But losing it or breaking it can be a heart-wrenching loss that isn’t cheap to replace.

With a silicone ring, replacement is easy and it won’t break the bank either. And, should your ring break or tear while still under warranty, you could have it replaced as well.

4. Comfort

A traditional metal ring, although beautiful to look at, can sometimes cause some discomfort when wearing it for long periods of time. This is especially true when you are engaged in a task.

Silicone rings are made for comfort. Since they’ve been moulded to fit comfortably around your finger, they won’t hurt your fingers when you’re tackling an adventure or when you’re engaged in a task. Once you wear it, you’ll soon forget about it, that’s how comfortable they are.

5. Make it Your Own

Silicone rings offer you a myriad of colours, sizes, and styles to choose from, so you’re not completely stuck with a generic style silicone ring. If you were to buy one to celebrate a special occasion, you can customise your rings with a special message by having it engraved as well.


Now, we’re not saying that you should ditch your traditional metal ring altogether. Setting it aside in a safe place and using a more affordable and more durable silicone ring instead of a metal ring is a great way to preserve the sentimental value of your ring and to keep it looking good and pristine for decades to come.

And, if you’re looking to invest in your own silicone rings, look no further than our own stunning range of Pro, Bulk, and Lean silicone rings.

6 Different ways to use your new silicone rings

We all know that your silicone ring fits best with your active lifestyle. However, there are many other uses for your CORE silicone rings that you may not have considered before.

To be clear, though, these are just a handful of uses and there are most likely much more available.

1.) During a round of golf.
Because silicone rings are more elastic than your more traditional metal rings, they won’t feel as cumbersome or as bulky when you’re aiming for that perfect swing.

2.) As a firefighter.
If you’re on the front lines as a firefighter, your focus is most likely on dealing with the dangerous situations at hand. A silicone ring is therefore the perfect fit for firefighters.

3.) As a horse rider.
A tight hold on the reigns can become a painful experience over time, especially if you’re wearing a traditional metal ring. Silicone rings are softer and more comfortable, meaning they won’t eat into your hands and fingers as much as a metal ring will.

4.) As a mechanic.
There are many hazards when working as a mechanic, especially if you’re wearing a traditional metal ring. The risk of injury is astronomical, which makes wearing a silicone ring a brilliant choice for auto mechanics across all disciplines.

5.) As a medical professional.
Working in the medical field, wearing a metal ring is simply not an option, and many doctors and nursing staff do not wear any rings at all. Silicone rings are hygienic and since they aren’t as obtrusive as a metal ring, they are a popular choice among many medical professionals.

6.) As a professional surfer.
This encompasses a large group of individuals, like a swimmer, too, but staying in water for too long causes your fingers to become “pruney” making your fingers shrink a little. This can cause you to lose your metal ring. This is where a silicone ring’s elasticity helps prevent the loss of your ring greatly, making them a great alternative for the men and women who frequent water sports more readily than others would.

Although this list covers a good amount of use-cases, it’s not the only areas where you can use our silicone rings. Regardless, investing in an excellent quality silicone ring is always a great idea.

Visit our online store to buy yours.

What Makes Silicone Rings So Good?

Your wedding ring is a commitment between you and your partner, it’s your unbreakable bond with one another. It’s valuable and irreplaceable–until it gets stolen or gets lost.

In certain situations, wearing your wedding ring leaves you hesitant because it might get lost, stolen, or damaged. You won’t ever be able to replace the sentimental value attached to it.

This is where silicone wedding rings come in. The genius behind these ever-popular rings follows a simple concept: to preserve your priceless and irreplaceable wedding ring, you can substitute it with a more affordable alternative that will leave you with peace of mind when you wear it.

Silicone rings are safer, comfortable, and a more affordable alternative to your more traditional rings, whether it be an engagement or a wedding ring.

More and more individuals choose to wear a silicone ring in their daily lives in scenarios where they might travel, go to the gym, go hiking, or while they are on the sports field. They have even become an attractive alternative for the men and women who work in dangerous situations at work like on construction sites and so forth.

And, although silicone rings aren’t always as resilient as a traditional ring, since an accident or prolonged use could cause your ring to break or tear over time, this alone, however, should not be a deterrent against investing in a silicone ring as their comfort, affordability, and their availability far outweigh the cons.

So, if you’ve ever considered investing in a silicone ring, but you’ve been hesitant towards buying one, then look no further.

Since they’re the ring of choice for many well-known athletes, as well as men and women who lead very active lifestyles, buying a silicone ring for you and your partner is a simple choice to make.

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