Core Silicone Rings

We all know that your silicone ring fits best with your active lifestyle. However, there are many other uses for your CORE silicone rings that you may not have considered before.

To be clear, though, these are just a handful of uses and there are most likely much more available.

1.) During a round of golf.
Because silicone rings are more elastic than your more traditional metal rings, they won’t feel as cumbersome or as bulky when you’re aiming for that perfect swing.

2.) As a firefighter.
If you’re on the front lines as a firefighter, your focus is most likely on dealing with the dangerous situations at hand. A silicone ring is therefore the perfect fit for firefighters.

3.) As a horse rider.
A tight hold on the reigns can become a painful experience over time, especially if you’re wearing a traditional metal ring. Silicone rings are softer and more comfortable, meaning they won’t eat into your hands and fingers as much as a metal ring will.

4.) As a mechanic.
There are many hazards when working as a mechanic, especially if you’re wearing a traditional metal ring. The risk of injury is astronomical, which makes wearing a silicone ring a brilliant choice for auto mechanics across all disciplines.

5.) As a medical professional.
Working in the medical field, wearing a metal ring is simply not an option, and many doctors and nursing staff do not wear any rings at all. Silicone rings are hygienic and since they aren’t as obtrusive as a metal ring, they are a popular choice among many medical professionals.

6.) As a professional surfer.
This encompasses a large group of individuals, like a swimmer, too, but staying in water for too long causes your fingers to become “pruney” making your fingers shrink a little. This can cause you to lose your metal ring. This is where a silicone ring’s elasticity helps prevent the loss of your ring greatly, making them a great alternative for the men and women who frequent water sports more readily than others would.

Although this list covers a good amount of use-cases, it’s not the only areas where you can use our silicone rings. Regardless, investing in an excellent quality silicone ring is always a great idea.

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Need More Info?

CORE Silicone Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Before making a purchase, you may have a few questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that customers have asked us in the past.

Q: How do I find my size?
A: Here are some helpful tools for determining your ring size.

Q: How long does shipping take in South Africa?
A: Deliveries are 2-3 days from shipping date.

Q: How Long does shipping take internationally?
A: International shipment delivery is 5-7 Working days.

Q: Where is the Closest stockist?
ABrowse Through Our List of South African Stockists. International Stockists will become available soon.

Q: What is the ring Warranty?
A: We have a lifetime product warranty. This covers Breakages and tears, but please note this excludes stretching, as stretching is usually caused by misuse or incorrect application of the ring.

Q: Exchanges and returns?
A: We have a 30 day exchange policy from delivery date, the order number will need to be provided. The product will be returned on your own personal expense.