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Misplacing or damaging your traditional metal ring, especially one that has sentimental value, can be demoralizing. But, many individuals and couples are slowly making the move towards a more long-lasting option instead: silicone rings.

Made with longevity and a myriad of active lifestyles in mind, silicone rings are fast becoming a trend with their impressive list of advantages over a more traditional metal ring.

And, if you’ve ever been curious about them, but you’ve been on the fence about whether you should invest in a silicone ring, here’s a handy list of 5 advantages that silicone rings have over their more-traditional counterparts.

1. They Can Withstand the Elements

Made from medical grade silicone, silicone rings are flexible as well as more resistant to water and extreme temperatures. This is especially useful when you’re on the field or at work as they won’t move around your finger like your traditional metal rings when coming into contact with moisture. And, since they’re not made from metal, silicone rings won’t as easily conduct electricity, either.

2. Durability

Let’s say you work in a dangerous area or you have an active lifestyle where you enjoy rock climbing or mountain biking. Wearing a traditional ring in any of these scenarios can be dangerous as your ring could cause a ring avulsion injury because your traditional metal ring is more rigid and offers no form of elasticity.

Silicone rings offer this elasticity. Being able to withstand 16kg of force and being able to stretch up to three times their own size, silicone rings won’t hold your fingers hostage in an accident at work or outdoors.

This durability makes them a lot safer to wear.

3. Affordability

A traditional metal ring, especially a wedding ring, carries with it a lot of sentimental value. This makes it almost irreplaceable. But losing it or breaking it can be a heart-wrenching loss that isn’t cheap to replace.

With a silicone ring, replacement is easy and it won’t break the bank either. And, should your ring break or tear while still under warranty, you could have it replaced as well.

4. Comfort

A traditional metal ring, although beautiful to look at, can sometimes cause some discomfort when wearing it for long periods of time. This is especially true when you are engaged in a task.

Silicone rings are made for comfort. Since they’ve been moulded to fit comfortably around your finger, they won’t hurt your fingers when you’re tackling an adventure or when you’re engaged in a task. Once you wear it, you’ll soon forget about it, that’s how comfortable they are.

5. Make it Your Own

Silicone rings offer you a myriad of colours, sizes, and styles to choose from, so you’re not completely stuck with a generic style silicone ring. If you were to buy one to celebrate a special occasion, you can customise your rings with a special message by having it engraved as well.


Now, we’re not saying that you should ditch your traditional metal ring altogether. Setting it aside in a safe place and using a more affordable and more durable silicone ring instead of a metal ring is a great way to preserve the sentimental value of your ring and to keep it looking good and pristine for decades to come.

And, if you’re looking to invest in your own silicone rings, look no further than our own stunning range of Pro, Bulk, and Lean silicone rings.

Need More Info?

CORE Silicone Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Before making a purchase, you may have a few questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that customers have asked us in the past.

Q: How do I find my size?
A: Here are some helpful tools for determining your ring size.

Q: How long does shipping take in South Africa?
A: Deliveries are 2-3 days from shipping date.

Q: How Long does shipping take internationally?
A: International shipment delivery is 5-7 Working days.

Q: Where is the Closest stockist?
ABrowse Through Our List of South African Stockists. International Stockists will become available soon.

Q: What is the ring Warranty?
A: We have a lifetime product warranty. This covers Breakages and tears, but please note this excludes stretching, as stretching is usually caused by misuse or incorrect application of the ring.

Q: Exchanges and returns?
A: We have a 30 day exchange policy from delivery date, the order number will need to be provided. The product will be returned on your own personal expense.