How Core Rings Can Simplify Your Life As A Mom

Being a parent can be a challenge. And, the amount of products available that help make parenting a little easier is simply astounding. One of these things is the humble silicone ring. How can a cylindrical piece of medical-grade silicone help with parenting?

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is magical. Sometimes, however, it isn’t. Your body changes, and for most, feet, hands, legs, and ankles will start swelling. You might not be able to wear your wedding ring at all during this period.

This, however, is where a silicone ring comes in handy. Because it’s flexible, it provides great support during pregnancy.

They’re Gentle

Newborn babies are beautiful miracles and as such we want to make sure that nothing can hurt them. You might be careful wearing your wedding band for fear of any sharp edges scratching or catching on things.

A silicone ring, being a little softer and more malleable than your normal wedding band, won’t scratch or hurt you bundle of joy at all.

And, speaking of catching on things…

They Are Durable

From diaper cream, to mud and dirt, to craft paint and more. As our kids get older, things get messy and as a parent, we get messy right along with them.

Your traditional wedding band might become a casualty of war during the day, but that’s where your silicone ring will help. There are no nooks or crannies where dirt can get lodged into, and it cleans easy and effortlessly under the tap.

If only everything in life was as easy as this.

Why You Should Wear A Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are all the rage. And you might wonder why people love them so much. Here are 5 reasons you should wear one.

1.) For Comfort

They normally make your more traditional wedding ring from a more rigid material like gold or silver. This doesn’t give your finger a lot of room to breathe. However, a silicone ring is made from a more flexible material. This helps during the fluctuating temperatures each season.

And, because of its rigidity, a traditional wedding ring can cause some mild discomfort when you’re thinking of doing anything active.

No matter what you do, or how hot or cold temperatures get, your CORE ring will fit comfortably, and it won’t just fall off.

2.) Because of Safety

Since we touched on being active…
We know traditional wedding rings aren’t flexible. And, if you’re like the millions of other men and women who do a lot of work with their hands or work in a more dangerous situation, a traditional wedding ring becomes a little more dangerous, and they can cause an injury known as a “ring avulsion.”

Sure, you can opt to not wear a ring, but your wedding ring is a statement of your commitment to your loved one which you want to wear with pride.

Wearing a silicone ring is a safer way to show your undying love to your loved one, whilst keeping your finger safe when working with your hands.

3. Because They Are Versatile

Silicone rings can go anywhere. Your traditional wedding ring might not. Because it’s more precious, you’ll most likely take off your ring when you go to the gym, for instance. You risk losing it or damaging it, which is something you might not want to do.

CORE Rings can go anywhere. Need to go from the office to the gym? No problem.

They’re durable enough to take you through your day with no issues at all.

4. They Look Stylish

Since they work hard, CORE Rings look good, as well.

The stylish designs and exceptional colours make them stand out, and they become a non-traditional way of showing your commitment to the love of your life.

Sure, your more traditional wedding ring might dazzle, but a CORE silicone ring is a safe and very stylish alternative to showing your commitment.

5. You Can Replace Them

A traditional wedding ring has a ton of sentimental value attached to it. If your ring gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you can have the ring replaced, just not the sentimental value–or even your significant other.

Likewise, your fingers. As we’ve mentioned before, an accident can cause a serious ring avulsion injury.

A CORE silicone ring gives you a way of showing your commitment while keeping your wedding band and your fingers safe.

Wearing a silicone ring as an alternative to your own wedding band not only helps protect your priceless and irreplaceable wedding ring, you’ll be wearing a ring that’s made to withstand anything and everything life will throw at you.